TwinMax I Carburetor Synchronizer

Dépressiomètre électronique TwinMax



I used my TwinMax on my old BMW R80ST. Result : a real clock ! Even less vibration than before. I had done a good synch with a dealer-supplied balancer, but I was not satisfied with accelerated sync. With the TwinMax, I had no problem to do it and the difference is noticeable.


That's what I have, the TwinMax ! To synch 4 cylinders engines, it takes 10 minutes counting the disassembly and reassembly of the saddle and tank. It is really easy to use and an irreproachable precision compared to the balancers that I used before. I really do not regret my purchase !

– CB750

I got my TwinMax today and I checked my BMW 1100r. Result : a slight imbalance at idle and more important at the opening. I reset everything, and there ... Oh yes ! If you can invest, do not hesitate, your bike will say thank you !!!


When you tried the TwinMax, its accuracy and especially its ease of use ... there's really no hesitation ! It's been well over a decade that I have mine and you balance a big four stroke (BMW or GUZZI) or a two stroke like my 3 1/2 RDLC. And I would say that TwinMax is (almost) essential for any good handyman.


The TwinMax does not have the same operating principle as a system with two dials. With a TwinMax, you measure the pressure difference between the two sides so zero indicated = perfect balance assured, especially as the sensitivity is adjustable. The TwinMax win from the start of the first round, I would say, before starting the match.


The TwinMax system is very simple. You turn the needle to the 0 before use, then you balance your carbs then you fine-tune the sensitivity as you go to have a setting finer and finer. It's really easy to use. Once the system connected I would say about 5 to 10 minutes with the usual and for a two-cylinder (time on my CB500)