TwinMax I Carburetor Synchronizer

Comparison of carburetor synchronizers

Comparison of carburetor synchronizers


Some time ago, the excellent magazine "Moto Légende" published a comparison of different devices that allow to balance the carburetors.

It is 6 different devices which were tested in real situation by the professionals of the magazine.

What is said about Twinmax:

With the Twinmax, we move to electronics. The little box, a little cheap is powered by a battery (not supplied, now it is provided!). The instructions, very clear, allows easy handling. in 30 seconds, the device is ready to work ...

Once connected to 2 carburetors, pressing the center button turns on the Twinmax. Good surprise, the dial is lighted, which is very practical in a workshop not always bright. Then turn the sensitivity dial to "Maxi", bring the hand to the center of the dial with the "Zero" button and set the sensitivity to "Mini". We start the engine. If the needle is insufficiently deflected, the "Zero" button is pressed. By acting on the sync screws, the goal is to bring the needle to the center of the dial.

It's faster to do than write, as the device is easy to use. And, which does not spoil anything, gives precise settings that are confirmed by a control Souriau (note: Professional device several hundred euros)

Result of the classification of the 6 devices: The Twinmax is classified 1st all criteria and is the device withs the best quality / price ratio


Moto Légende I Test of 6 carburetors balancers


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