Master historic racing I Estoril 2017

A trip south to Portugal as the summer fades was a delightful finale event for the 2017 European season. The Estoril circuit did not disappoint at this popular and exciting new venue for Masters.

Ensign N179 - The Ensign N179 was a Formula One racing car designed by Dave Baldwin, and used by Team Ensign during the 1979 Formula One season  

Shadow DN5B - The Shadow DN5 was a Formula One car used by the Shadow team during the 1975 Formula One season. Updated to a 'B' specification, it was used through the 1976 Formula One season and for the first two races of the following season. It was qualified on pole position three times, and twice achieved a fastest lap in a race. Its best finish in a race was third (twice), both times driven by Tom Pryce.
Shadow DN5B
Other misc cars


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