TwinMax I Carburetor Synchronizer

Carburetor Balancer

149.90 €

Equilibreur de carburateurs TwinMax
Equilibreur de carburateurs TwinMax Tubes de connexion pour équilibreur de carburateurs TwinMax Prises de connexion pour dépressiomètre Valise de protection pour Twinmax équilibreur de carburateurs Twinmax Equilibreur électronique de carburateurs Twinmax Equilibreur électronique de carburateurs


Get an engine that is stable at idle, responsive to acceleration and delivering consistent power at all speeds!

"The TwinMax is a carburetor synchronizer that indicates the difference in intake gas pressure in each of the cylinders. By balancing this pressure, you avoid performance losses, abnormal stress on the crankshaft and bearings and excessive fuel consumption. "


The TwinMax is the carburetor balancer

1 - The easiest to use.

With TwinMax, balancing an admission takes no more than 5 minutes. Connect it to the vacuum intakes, switch it on, start your engine, the difference in intake pressure in the cylinders is displayed on its dial.

2 - The most accurate.

The Twinmax is a comparator. It displays the pressure difference in each inlet body with a single measurement. This means that there are no calibration errors, no sensor sensitivity errors and no reading errors.

3 - The Most Robust .

The TwinMax is a simple and robust device that passes from hand to hand, the first examples of which have been operating for more than 20 years in professional environments.

4 - The Top Seller .

Manufactured for more than 20 years, the TwinMax is used by more than 40,000 professionals and private individuals all over the world.


The TwinMax can be used with any 2, 4 or 6+ cylinder engine, whether injection or carburettor driven. It is particularly used on German, English, Italian or Japanese motorbike engines. It is also used on light aircraft with Rotax engines, on carburettor-rail engines, on boat engines...



This practical and protective case contains all the accessories that allow the TwinMax to be connected to almost any carburetor or intake manifold. If you own a BMW with post 98 injection, you can also use this 4mm reducer.

  • 1 TwinMax
  • 2 connecting hoses (85cm)
  • 2 reducers (M5)
  • 2 reducers (M6)
  • 1 battery (9V)
  • 1 instructions in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • 1 Plastic case