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Electronic Carburetor Balancer

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Carburetor balancers


Also, since precision synching my throttle bodies with the electronic TwinMax, I am experiencing a totally new world of smoothness and response over the entire operating range

What I like is the fact that you balance each carb off of a reference carb. Unlike the needle gauge type there isn't any fluctuations unless you want to take it up to that level of sensitivity. If you do it is still easy to see the difference between the two carbs as the needle moves side to side in the scale.

I've been synchronizing carbs/throttle plates for years with all different types of tools... Finally bought a TwinMax and I like it. Compared to the carb sticks overall I think it's a good choice and easier to use

The TwinMax is a lot easier to use than a manometer because it doesn't have to be vertical. You can hold it in your hand or set it down nearby. I set it on the under-seat storage while working, I could see it clearly while I had both hands on the cable adjusters.

The TwinMax also appears to be a lot more sensitive than a manometer, giving very fine readings in vacuum differential and being easy to calibrate before use. I was able to rough-in the adjustment on the TwinMax's medium sensitivity level, and then fine tune it until I had good readings at the highest sensitivity.

Today I took the bike for a test ride. WOW. The bike runs better than it has since I've owned it. It's never been this smooth, not even after what I thought was a really good balance on the throttle bodies using the "..."

I've had my Twinmax for probably 8-10 years. It has worked well and as long as I follow the instructions I get a good balance. I bought it for my old VFR750 and it worked well there and used it on my R1100GS for years

I have a twinMax and just love it. I have also used the carb tune and like it also. My reasoning behind the twinMax is this.  I can throw it in my tank bag and take it with me to help out a friend. I can set it on the seat and ride the bike and watch the throttle response actions. I have also used it on 4 cyl bikes with very good results.

I use the TwinMax on my Valkyrie (6 carbs) and it works great. On the Valkyrie, #3 carb is not adjustable, it is factory set and used as the baseline carb by which the others are balanced !


 Carburetor Synchronizer for BMW R1200

BMW R1200

The following is a quick tutorial on how to complete a Throttle Body Sync on a R1200 series motorcycle.

Special thank to Jim Von Baden ! Please visit him here

Carburetor Synchronizing Tool for Triumph or Norton motorcycles

Triumph, Norton...

"We love traditional British motorcycles and we want to share our knowledge in friendliness and tolerance" Bertrand wrote a little tutorial on balancing the carbs of old English motorcycles ... Thanks to him

Using the TwinMax to synchronize throttle bodies on the BMW R1100RT

BMW R1100RT / 1150RT

The following is a tutorial on how to complete a Throttle Body Sync on a BMW R1100RT series motorcycle.

Special thank to Bill Hawkins ! Please visit him here