TwinMax I Carburetor Synchronizer

Honda XL 125 Varadero

Honda XL 125 Varadero

Eric's site is a real gold mine for all owners of Honda 125 XL Varadero. There is a very good tutorial on the synchronisation of the carburettors of the machine. Eric has kindly accepted that we resume his tutorial here. Don't hesitate to visit him.



If this is the first time you are doing a synchro on your Varadero, there is a screw to be removed which is difficult to access and glued in the factory. In order to access it without any problems, the front fairing must be removed. This is not an obligation but it is easier.

The motor must be warm ( 4 bars on the meter )

Removal of the screw and installation of the M5 end cap with its seal on the right side of the motorbike.

Désolé c'est un peu flou mais c'est l'embout M5 mis en place avec son joint

Connect the hose between the M5 nipple and the A connector of the Twinmax.

Disconnect the vacuum hose on the rear carburetor on the left side of the motorbike.

Addition of a photo to better localize

Connect the second hose instead of the vacuum hose and to connector B of the Twinmax.

Here we are ready to do the synchro.



Switch on the Twinmax by pressing the red ON/OFF button.
Turn the sensitivity knob all the way to the max.
Bring the dial hand to zero by means of the zero button (this is quite sensitive to do).
Set the sensitivity button to mini
Start the engine and let it idle
If the deflection of the needle is not sufficient, gently increase the sensitivity.
07  Act on the adjusting screw that I did not take a picture of, it is located to the left of the M5 end cap on the lever that connects the 2 carburetors.

Once the sensitivity is at its maximum and your needle remains at zero, the synchro is adjusted.
Once this is done, switch off the appliance and disconnect the hoses, remove the M5 nozzle and put back the one that was on it with its gasket and don't forget to reconnect the vacuum hose to the rear carburetor.
10 Then refit the fairing if necessary. I hope I haven't forgotten anything.